Thursday, October 9, 2008

I can't believe it.

but I guess it is true. I have been a mom for 4 years. Dominic is a four year old little boy. here are some blurry pictures of his party. and some from tonight at starbucks. for posterity.

oh and this is a pic from my birthday. of my IL and G. only notable cause the very cute dress G is wearing is one my mom made in 1976 or so for me to wear. the beat goes on.

and last. a word about bad glasses. I took this picture of us tonight, without first removing my glasses because I like to see. it would be a great picture of the 2 of us, if not for the BIG UGLY GLASSES.

I used to have nice frames. they were those really nice expensive flexon ones that are supposed to be able to take a licking, well, flexon met Genevieve and Genevieve prevailed. she broke them at the temple and they are unsalvagable and would need to be replaced. I refuse to buy another pair of glasses. I have already decided I will be getting lasik. so the only frames I have are my 'spare pair' from and boy howdy are they ugly. I bought them strictly for in bed and because they were STURDY. but until I have enough time or brain power to remember to go get the consultation and surgery done they are it for me.

so let that be a lesson to you all, or something.

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pam said...

Happy Birthday Dominic - I know I am days late, but I still wanted to wish him a happy bday. looks like a fun party! you guys are all so cute. i can not believe our boys are turning 4, and i simply can not get over how big and beautiful miss g is! I love her black and white dress & that one your mom made is so sweet.